This is my first and hopefully not last post (!).  Here I will be blogging on books, sharing links and ideas, etc. pertaining to science and religion/theology.  I do not want this blog to be a place where people yell at each other over the existence of God.  Nor do I want this to be a place where young earth creationists and evolutionists yell at each other either.  That is going on all over the place and is not constructive.

Instead, I come to the table as one who is deeply committed to science but also believes that it is not the sole source of truth and, as such, proceed with intellectual humility.  I teach at a liberal arts school where all disciplines are encouraged and deemed worthy of pursuit.

I am what you would call a theistic evolutionist who is not afraid of labeling Biblical narratives as story or myth.  I believe that science greatly instructs our thinking in all matters and appreciate that this can pose a severe challenge to traditional Christian theology.  But truth is not to be denied in any regard.

This blog should be a place where people are able to question anything, be it science, theology, or why I root for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  I stress the term “question” instead of “answer”.  As a scientist I often feel like I have to “try on an idea” before I can move on to the next.  In scientific, and more often Christian, circles this can ruffle feathers.  But it’s the way I, and perhaps many, work through ideas and issues.  Feel free to do that here.  But please don’t come to the table with all of the answers when you haven’t first looked at the questions…