Houston, We’ve Had a Problem (RJS)… Jesus Creed blog

The below link has made for a great day of discussion on the Jesus Creed blog.  RJS shared a letter (and her personal comments on it) from a personal friend of Scot’s, who is/was going through a crisis of faith re: the historical accuracy of Genesis and faith in the Bible in general.


While the heavy discussion (88 comments already) has veered off topic a bit, the comments have certainly beneficial for me as I see how fellow Christians struggle through the issue of truth and reliability in the Bible.  I don’t want to reproduce the blog post here, as it would be much better for the reader to simply head off to the link above to better engage in the discussion.  I have, however, reproduced a portion of my comment (#88) below for consideration over here, if people are interested.

“To Robin et al… I just can’t agree with you guys based upon my relationship with Christ, my communion with the rest of the Church, and my scientific background. But I appreciate hearing your thoughts. I will say your position is untenable to those wishing to engage/evangelize intellectual atheists and likely most that don’t come out of a fundamentalist background. Alternatively, I can see how my position (which is probably most similar to RJS, although I’m not sure) would drive you absolutely bonkers.

I am concerned about the overwhelming desire I see in some for an airtight apologetic when the truth is most likely to be gray, complex, and ultimately not completely explainable. There is a fear that if this is “not true” (which needs better explaining for me), than that’s not true, like faith in Christ is a geometry problem. It is not so simple. But what is simple, is that faith based on shaky foundations will die. And we do NOT want that.”

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3 Responses to Houston, We’ve Had a Problem (RJS)… Jesus Creed blog

  1. like a child says:

    I found this sermon on doubt today that was sort of helpful…http://www.rededicate.org/media/audio/2009-10-11-am.mp3, and made me momentarily wish I lived in Boston.

  2. justintopp says:

    I’ll have to check it out. Boston is nice… but NC ain’t too shabby either.

  3. Like a Child says:

    NC has great weather, but even in this academic area, it still has too much of hold of the fundamentalist south.

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