A couple of days ago there was a wonderfully active, but sometimes heated discussion going on over at the Jesus Creed blog.  RJS has since posted again in response to the previous conversation and the new post has generated over 90 comments as well.  In my brief tenure on this blog, it has been obvious how much I like and respect Scot and RJS and how much I enjoy the efforts and the clearly observable fruits of the Jesus Creed blog.

Below I have pasted the first paragraph of this new post and a link for readers that want to consider the conversation over there.

We had an interesting discussion Tuesday centered on scripture, the reliability of scripture, and the foundation of our faith: Houston, We’ve Had a Problem. One of the key aspects of this conversation was how we view scripture as reliable in the face of the scientific evidence for an old earth and for evolution. Certainly I think we can defend the reliability of scripture, the reliability of the scientific evidence, and the Christian gospel. We don’t have to disregard any of these. This is where I stand, centered on Christ, moving forward.


The active discussions that are occurring on the above blog and on the blog of my friends over at the BioLogos foundation leads to a question or series of questions that I pose to my readers…

Do you think that conversation via blog comments is worthwhile?  Is there much to gain from it for people who are on far sides of an issue, or is it only beneficial for those who are in the “middle?  Can real conversation occur?