Over at the Science and the Sacred blog at BioLogos, Ard Louis has been posting a series on “Miracles and Science”, which have been taken from a length essay he wrote for the website by the same title.  Ard who is at the University of Oxford is interested in science and religion but also has a research focus as part of a group that works on interdisciplinary problems at the interface of chemistry, physics, and biology.  I would say what he has to say… is worth listening to.

The link below is to the 4th entry in the series.  There is usually a good and vibrant discussion that follows posts on the BioLogos site, but I will say from my experience there it is usually focused on details and specifics.  This is fine, but perhaps, like me, there are times when you just want to focus on the broader picture.

So what do you think about miracles and science?  Are they incompatible?  Is science incapable of detecting miracles?  Does science a priori rule out the existence of miracles?  Or is it that our concept of what a miracle is is wrong?  I have lots of thoughts… but what do you think?