As you can tell from the blog posts and title of this blog, I’m a guy who likes to really think about serious topics at the interface of science and religion.  I spend most of waking “thinking” minutes reading and thinking about the stuff that you see written here.  It truly is a worshipful experience for me to ponder this amazing and wonderfully intelligible world that I believe God created and what this means about God’s nature.

What many of you might not know though is that I also am a silly idiot with a quick wit and an extremely dry and sarcastic sense of humor.  I joke that when I first recognized myself in the mirror (an example of theory of mind). I quickly realized that without becoming funny I was going to have a difficult, no near impossible, time finding a date.

It is with this background that I now announce to you the every other weekend happy day blog gimmick!  Why?  Well I love how other blogs (including a lot of my favorites) have a certain day of the week when they do the same thing.  I would call it a gimmick but I don’t mean that in a negative sense at all.  I thought that I should join the club and come up with my own.  Before I set out to begin this sacred tradition, I need help.  I am having a difficult time coming up with what exactly the recurring gimmick er theme should be.  I like the every other weekend thing though because, you know, college football season is coming up again so I don’t want to “over-commit” myself.  🙂

So, I ask you my readers to suggest what the particular recurring theme should be.  I have some suggestions below but am all ears (if you know me, you know this is NOT an analogy) if you have one that you would like to see.  While the every other weekend happy day blog gimmick title is silly and jokey the actual topic of what we discuss can, of course, be of a a serious nature instead.

I give you 12 ideas ranging from serious to… not-so-serious.

1. the anti-apologetic moment

2. scientific papers with crazy strange titles (this is a bit of a ripoff from MindHacks, but I don’t think we have overlapping readers and I’m adding the second part…) that make us wonder why we’re spending tax dollars on this apparent nonsense

3. scientific papers with relevance to science and religion

4. names that I can call my colleague and good friend, Matt Schau, without getting myself fired

5. words that I think I hear my daughter saying (this one won’t last that long but we don’t think Ash will be our only kid)

6. movies that I love

7. favorite restaurants in the Chicagoland area (you never know, this might inspire your weekend dining outside of Chicago too… tonight is Vietnamese!)

8. this “day” in history notes of a science and religion bent

9. the one and only best link ever (well, for those two weeks)

10. extreme examples of Biblical literalism (hypothetical of course)

11. great John Polkinghorne quotes

12. Simpsons quotes

p.s. so I just looked up the definition of gimmick and realized that hmm… I might need to distinguish it with a “positive” adjective.  So perhaps the recurring blog posts should be called “The every other weekend happy day blog positive gimmick!”