Jesus, Francis Crick, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Woody Allen

So I love this game.  The game where you give the 4-5 people that you would most like to have dinner with and why.  There’s a lot of ways you can go with this sort of thing.  Is it the people you like the most?  Those that would generate the most stimulating conversation?  The people that would get into the greatest debate?

I’ve been asked this question the most by members of my church, so of course you usually have to go with the obligate Jesus, Paul, Moses, etc.  I don’t think I’d go that way anymore, but I’m leaving Jesus in with any group because, from what I’ve heard, he made for a good party.

Here’s my 5.  I’m going with 5 plus me because my table seats 6 comfortably, as long as we use the desk chair and workout ball to get us to 6 seats.

Jesus, Francis Crick, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Woody Allen.

CS Lewis is my 1st alternate.  If I get a bigger table I would invite him and John Polkinghorne, who only missed the cut only because I’ve already had lunch with him and Potbelly.  Outstanding!

Who would you invite?

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3 Responses to Jesus, Francis Crick, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Woody Allen

  1. Like a Child says:

    I would pick Jesus, of course, and only because it would then be the end of my struggles with doubt (or so I would hope, but as I’m reading Polkinghorne, I know that there are people that might think that even Jesus himself did not know what was coming while he was human).

    Your question reminds me of a time when I was going to a morning women’s Bible study at our former church, and this question was brought up (and you could not pick Jesus). Everyone picked Woody Allen type people except me who choose CS. Lewis or Martin Luther (but then I tried to “fit” in and mentioned Jane Austen).

  2. justintopp says:

    I think he at least had a good idea of what was coming if you take his pleading and apparent anxiety in the garden of Gethsemane. He might not have known everything that is possible to be known (which I think is where Polkinghorne is at), but so much tells me that he saw what the end had for him.

  3. justintopp says:

    Oh… I forgot to mention. In my circles, CS Lewis was usually 2nd (or 3rd) to Jesus (or Paul). Martin Luther would be great to see and hear, in his own words, the reasons, life experiences, and thought processes that drove him.

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