This installment of the illuminating quote(s) of the every other week is illuminating to me for two reasons.

First, school is starting this upcoming Monday so it’s time for me to put on my teaching hat again.  I suppose the hat is always on at least part of the time, but for the next 16 weeks it will be on my head the majority of the time.

Second, I got into a brief discussion with someone on another blog regarding the credibility of belief in God.  The other poster argued that, taking what we know from science and evolution in particular, it was easier and made more sense to be an atheist than a religious believer.  I countered by saying that I agree on the easier part, but that I did not think it made more sense unless one was willing to ignore some of the evidence before us.  While I doubt that science and nature can lead to Christian faith alone anymore (natural theology at best leads to deism nowadays), when taking into consideration all of the observable data from science and other disciplines, I strongly believe that Christianity is the best explanation.

Stories shared, here’s our quote:

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” (Albert Einstein)