My friend Scot McKnight over at the Jesus Creed was interested in posting my previous blog post about personal belief and public persona. I decided I was game but figured that the response would likely not be the most flattering. It wasn’t too bad, but it really illuminated to me again how blog comments are not all created equally. To put this in perspective… I’m shocked that some of the comments were actually constructive and helpful!  All kidding aside, there was some decent discussion but my previous post about the ability of blog comments to promote real discussion never seemed so prophetic (  Of course, the caveat is that you never know what the post and comments are doing for the reader who is too afraid to comment themselves.  Good thing to remember.

If you’re interested, you can track the comments on Scot’s site here:

And, as always, remember that I love the Jesus Creed blog and the readers.  It’s just that from time to time, on posts that are deemed “controversial”, the discussion can get off-topic and somewhat judgmental.  Unfortunately, it seems like most of my posts, because of their very nature of being aimed at promoting thought and questioning previous assumptions, fit that bill.  That’s not by design and I’m not trying to “stir” the pot… frankly, I’m not smart enough to come up with that beforehand.  Ultimately, what it comes down to is… I just like to think out loud.