I just got done reading a wonderful article by Frans de Waal, the noted primatologist who works on social behavior.  In it, he makes the common argument that we are not all that unique from other animals (as always, I think this is debatable), but the more important bent to me is the latter half on how we see the makings or “building blocks” or human morality in other great apes.  While this is not the same as saying that science can completely explain the basis of and give us guidance regarding human morality (and de Waal does not seem to describe to this fully, as far as I can tell), it does shine light on my recent posts (https://scienceandtheology.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/the-limits-of-science-and-its-relationship-to-religion/, https://scienceandtheology.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/rjs-on-the-moral-landscape/) regarding science at least deserving a spot at the table in the discussion of human morality.  Link below:


I should also note that just because I think de Waal has interesting things to say regarding science and morality, this does not mean that I am in agreement with him.  I highly suspect that we would have fairly significant differences when it comes to religion…