I read a lot.  While my interests are interdisciplinary, my reading is still fairly narrow in its focus.  I haven’t read a work of fiction in I can’t remember how long, and tend to spend 99% of my time reading books by scientists or theologians on topics of interest to them that interface with the other, Biblical studies, philosophy, or psychology.  It’s pretty academic, to say the least, and it’s all under the science and religion “umbrella”.

That is, unless you count the point in the Fall semester (usually 8 weeks or so in) where I move almost completely to re-reading comic book collections of Get Fuzzy, Dilbert, and The Far Side.  My memory is such that every year these seem new so I don’t have to buy new editions or collections.  It’s good on the budget.

Anyway, I’m wondering what others would list as their favorite books and why.  They can be books that are personal and that are reread at specific points in your life, academic works that made you see something in an “aha” fashion, classics that have stood the test of the time, or books from obscure authors that no one has ever heard of.  But they must be books that you would recommend and the recommendations must be accompanied by why you like them so.  I’m teachable and ready.  Are you willing…? 🙂