Well, I hope Santa brought everyone what they wanted for Christmas, or perhaps, even better, You had the chance to be Santa for someone else and get them what they wanted. I’m on the 3rd stop of my family’s annual “Christmas tour” and year 2 has been much better on the kid than year 1. Nevertheless, I think we’re all ready to be back home.

The gift highlight for me this year was an iPad, which I had been wanting since the day before it came out. I’ve spent the last couple of days adding apps and playing around and decided now would be a good time to attempt to discredit those that say the iPad is only for consumption and not, creation. So here I go, composing my 1st blog post in some time on it. So far, so good.

As to why there’s been such a delay since my last blog post, there has been a variety of reasons some of which I’ll reveal here when the time is ready. Others I cannot, but suffice it to say the last few weeks this professor has worn some hats he didn’t know were in his closet. It appears that everything is on it’s way to getting back to “normal”, whatever that means anymore. Add all of the extracurriculars to the normal end of semester busy-ness and a blog in its infancy and what do you get?… a lapse in posts. I’ve been able to just now start to control my schedule a bit better so that I can focus more time in writing, so I’m hopeful it will be easier to be more productive in the future. I certainly give it up to my friends and colleagues who post daily… I’m shooting for at least 3 a week in the upcoming semester and then after that, well we’ll just have to wait and see.

With that, an end to this inaugural iPad crafted post. Coming soon is a pseudo-review of McKnight’s book One.Life and then we’ll get back in the swing in of our normally scheduled offerings… but to give a taste, here’s what I’ve been reading as of late…