I fooled around a bit before with a weekly or very other week “blog gimmick” and eventually settled upon posting illuminating quotes every now and again on a particular subject matter. That served as a placeholder of sorts as I thought about what I would actually like to do on a regular basis.

I’ve settled again.

I’m going to do a weekly collection of links. I know this isn’t particularly novel, but I think it makes the most sense and will be a good way for me to collect blog posts, articles, essays, etc. by topic so that if you’re interested in sports, education, news, religion, science, or my personal favorite, items that intersect both science and religion (the space between) you’ll have the links there in one place. There will likely be some overlap from my Twitter account, FYI.

To start, I thought that I would do a roundup of the best posts that I have read over the past couple of weeks during my Winter break. This one will be a lot meatier than future offerings as I got a ways behind so we’ll do it in 2 parts. Today… news, religion, and science. Tomorrow… the space between.

Potential candidates for this month’s “the media will make too much out of gene correlations” between genes and violence and infidelity/one-night stands

Surely you saw this about the mayor who used Twitter for… gasp, good?

James McGrath of Exploring Our Matrix links to a suggestion for a science-based theme park in response to the Noah’s Ark one planned in Kentucky and a website dedicated to news about said pARK

If you like lists, well, here you go… 2010 lists

Giddy up, wait they’re in a “patty form”?

Tech predictions for 2011 (via Scot McKnight)

Wired (most successful gadgets) and Scientific American (science breakthroughs) Top 10 lists… hint, it starts with an ‘i’

Wired gives its list of the the 19 best apps for the iPad (some of these were new to me)

Is the world ending? (via Barbara King)

Friend Scot McKnight of the Jesus Creed: I’m a university student, and Wow, human trafficking and the Super Bowl?

Like a Child on doubt and the limits of our knowledge about God, taken from Michael Shermer’s Einstein’s God

Thomas Jay Oord provides a brief description of the 8 views of God’s action in the world… much to think about here

The secret ingredient of religion… hint, it ain’t theology

Richard Beck of Experimental Theology doesn’t just settle for a 2010 blog recap… nah, he also gives one for 2007 2008 and 2009

Ed Yong of Not Exactly Rocket Science shows how much he HATES writing with his 11 part review of his past year’s blog posts! He also posts a roundup of the Arsenic story and an interesting post on chimps, gender, and playing with sticks (or are they dolls?)

Carl Zimmer at the Loom with a fascinating article on a Neanderthal massacre and his own take on the Arsenic tale

At Wired Science, the beauty of electron microscopy… snowflakes! and a good amount of our DNA be very old

Mo Cost on a patient that is unable to experience fear

I’m not sold on this amygdala and social network hype, but if it’s true methinks my amygdala is a little smaller than yours…

On the presence of antibiotic-resistance genes in the environment (and why you should never urinate while taking antibiotics again… wait, that might be a bit extreme)

My two dads

Another Top 10 list, this time Michael Shermer’s best science books of 2010

I grew up with Strat-O-Matic baseball as cool simulation, but now there’s this

You are never too young to do some science