So I’m thoroughly enjoying Phil Hefner’s The Human Factor and will likely write a post or two as I move through it further, but something that Hefner wrote early in the book caught my attention. As Hefner is outlining his argument for humans as “created co-creators” (more to come on this in a future post), he provides a theological framework for this description of humanity. As he does so, he begins by giving a brief description or definition of the “term” God.

This is something, perhaps shockingly, I would have never thought to do. Define God? I guess I took the concept of God for granted and believed that while we obviously can’t completely define God, we all (Christians in this case) start from the same point. For Hefner, at this point in the book, his description is that the term God refers to that which is ultimate, and that God can only be described with symbols, in contrast with literal language.

So this got me to thinking… how would I in actuality define God? Would it be different if i was talking to my 2 year old daughter vs. a colleague at North Park? Maybe there’s more to this than I first anticipated and I’d love to see how the replies differ within a community. So I ask the reader: How would you define God? Methinks it may differ a bit from Hefner…

Positive and apophatic definitions are both welcome… 🙂