I just read this review of 3 new books that came out from a trio of leading neuroscientists on the brain and mind. I posted on Twitter:

    These books look interesting. Anyone reading and responding that engages with theology? Hmm…

While we are constantly hounded by creation vs. evolution in the media, the issue of what neuroscience and evolutionary psychology has to say on matters of the mind, consciousness, and human nature is, in my opinion, much more important. Traditional definitions of who we are are going to be challenged (and already are) immensely. As you know, I embrace the science and feel strongly that while the Christian faith is not at stake, traditional or historical theological positions will likely need to be revisited.

All that being said, I am highly interested in these 3 books and would love to review them for this blog… you know, if any publishers are listening. 🙂

The Tell-Tale Brain: Unlocking the Mystery of Human Nature, by VS Ramachandran

The Mind’s Eye, by Oliver Sacks

Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain, by Antonio Damasio