I just saw this post on Spirituality and the Environment on the Patheos Community blog site One Eternal Round. It is excellent and resonates well with a main point that I was trying to make in an article I wrote recently for The Covenant Companion (I’ll post a link to that when it’s available). That is, environmental issues are an issue of viewing nature in the wrong way. When we view it as material to simply be used for our gain, we degrade it, resulting in many of the current environmental problems.

Here’s a snippet:

    But Morrison says that the problems of pollution and environmental deterioration are primarily moral and spiritual in nature. He wrote, “The prevalence of pollution stems from a lack of proper knowledge and understanding of the real purpose of life and of man’s place in the eternal plan provided by a loving Father in heaven.” 


    “Many of our environmental problems arise from the fact that our society has become obsessed with materialism. We must come to realize that there are higher motives for human existence than technological advancement and the acquisition of material gain.”


    “The reason we are in trouble ecologically is because of our inability to see ourselves as a part of nature. We have not seen ourselves for what we are: part of the web of life and part of the biological community; a portion of an incredibly complex ecological system; and intimately a part of the total environment… We have behaved as though we have some sort of divinely provided right to despoil the physical world.”

    and finally,

    “In addition, too often we fail to see ourselves as part of a human continuum. We think only of our own generation as though it exists alone, with no obligations to the future and without any heritage from the past.”

Good stuff.