Last week I wrote a post chronicling the back-and-forth between Al Mohler and BioLogos. Scot McKnight linked to the post in his Weekly Meanderings and shared a thought:

Comment: I see no reason for BioLogos to fan that flame with Al Mohler. The whole debate is getting us nowhere. Mohler, and while I can appreciate his desire to hold firm to theological beliefs, does not represent the SBC nor does he represent evangelicalism in these matters. Nor does he need to fan this flame.

I then posted this comment on Scot’s post:


I don’t think BioLogos can ignore Mohler, because he represents to them who their exact audience is (rightly or wrongly). Also, that’s exactly what RTB is doing in that they’re not engaging BioLogos’ issues with RTB models. I can’t help but be skeptical that these types of discussions aren’t really getting us anywhere and that the collateral damage is greater than the benefits gained. But, at the same time, I’m grateful for BioLogos. Maybe their function is to provide a forum for Christian scientists? I know they want to do more but that’s not a bad start.

And then I started to wonder… how do Christians come to see evolution as scientific truth? For some it was probably never an issue and they saw the science behind evolution in school, thought the evidence was good enough, and were part of a church that didn’t believe the only interpretation of Genesis was a literal one. For others, maybe it was through reading one of the recent onslaught of books on how you can be a Christian and still believe in evolution. And here’s the relevant one to the Mohler-BioLogos discussion and this post… maybe it was through reading blogs, posting comments, etc. No doubt there are other ways, but these are likely the most common.

For me, it was option 2, reading books. And yet I need to note that I wasn’t brought up in an Evangelical home, my parents didn’t speak out against evolution, I just didn’t believe it. Maybe it was an issue of education? But that’s a topic for another post.

I can’t speak for others. So I’m wondering… how did you come to see evolution is true? If evolutionary evangelists want to truly get the word out, it only makes sense to use the tools that have worked in the past. And I’d like to know whether blog posts and public spats/wars are one of those tools.