For those that are interested… this week I posted or linked on the blog to:
1) What happened when I tried to love God with my mind (Rachel Held Evans)
2) Spirituality and the Environment: the issue is materialism
3) The Human Factor: Evolution, Culture, Religion… Part 2: Nature (continuing the series)
4) Expert says scientists don’t seek truth… wait, what?
5) Friday laughs courtesy of Get Fuzzy
6) lastly, how did you come to believe in evolution?… please chime in on this one!

And I still can’t get that damn Survivor song out of my head.


This abortion doctor is horrific and PZ Myers reminds us that he’s horrific as well… This is the time to remind you that his is the highest trafficked “science” blog out there as well.

I’m done taking him seriously and doubt that I will ever mention him again. University of Minnesota Morris… this is who is representing your biology department.

Don’t forget to watch the State of the Union Address on Tuesday.  President Obama is so hyped he thinks we should have “watch parties”… you know I retweeted this:

@BarackObama: Make plans to attend a State of the Union watch party this Tuesday: http://OFA.BO/gRVzDs.

Finally someone combined bowling and billiards!

Many students learn little in college… but I bet those teacher evaluations are great!

Learn better by taking practice tests instead of just memorizing

10 intriguing Apple patents to get excited about

While on Apple… these are always cool

10-10-10 One Day on Earth… cool


Ed Yong shows that he’s one of the best science writers out there with Contagious cancers switch their batteries and Meet Dicty the amoeba-the world’s smallest farmer, and he provides his: “I’ve got your missing links right here”

This week’s genes and behavior overstatement link is a potential correlation between your genes and your friends… I’ll let the experts handle this one: Discoblog and Gene Expression, meanwhile, “not everyone is convinced”

A little back-and-forth on evolutionary psychology with Coyne and Kurzban

Can animal migration cause evolution of less virulent pathogens? My take is makes sense + obvious = probably right.

Evolution as seen by an alien

Quantum computing?


James McGrath of Exploring Our Matrix with: what would you like to study (for me, anthropology or theology) and a review of Science, Creation, and the Bible by Carlon and Longman (which I’m also reviewing for NCSE Reports)

Scot McKnight with his Weekly Meanderings and New Atheists compared, and RJS has an introductory post on Belief: Readings on the Reason for Faith by Francis Collins

The space-between:

We’ve spoken about Sam Harris’ book The Moral Landscape a bit here and will no doubt do so more in the future. As expected, his book is getting hammered by theists and both hammered and praised by atheists. See here, here, and here for examples.

BioLogos with reply 1 and reply 2 to Coyne’s attacks on their accommodationism

The critics are out… One reason Jerry Coyne is wrong about accommodationism

Michael Ruse on original sin, evolution, and human origins in the Huffington Post

The ways of knowing… in order?

There’s no such thing as a gene for religion… excellent

Richard Dawkins is a coward?

And, last, but not least, my favorite tweet of the week…

RT @HawkeyeNation: RT @CFTalk: Yep, the Mayans nailed it. RT @Sn00ki: OMG I’m a New York Times Best Selling Author!!!