I am teaching an introduction to science and religion short course the 2nd half of this semester. I have some general ideas of where I would like to go with it and a text in place, but I thought I would seek input from others… if you could have one topic in the course, what would it be?

We will, of course, be considering evolution vs/and creation as that is usually the student’s primary interest, academically and especially, personally. But I want to cover much more than that to introduce students to the broader area of science and religion and show them that perhaps evolution and creation isn’t where all of our focus should be. Evolutionary psychology and sociobiology, neuroscience, behavioral genetics, ethics and creation care, quantum physics, etc. all lie at the interface of science and religion and are fascinating topics for discussion.

So, I ask the reader: if you could discuss one topic and one topic alone in a course on science and religion (other than evolution vs/and creation), what would you choose and why?