Anyone watch the Oscars? It’s one of the few nights where I don’t have a choice, so… I had to. Watching it always makes me focus on the word, pretentious. I’ll try to work on that in the future… One note: the robot from Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show would have been better than James Franco. Anne Hathaway didn’t have a shot of saving that atrocity. But… on to the links. Audio accompaniment by Anberlin.

The space-between:



  • If I’m linking to a post on Cain and Abel, it must be worthwhile.
  • Stuart has been struggling through a book on mental disorders and our relationship to God. He also recently wrote a post on blogging and being overly personal. Both are important areas.
  • I’m with Arni on this one, but would add: there is so much we do know that we can’t come to agreement on, why even attempt to argue about something like this? Ridiculous, arrogant, and offensive. Oh, and it does the exact opposite of what is intended, by the way… Arni’s also got some good links.
  • Scot McKnight puts up a review of his most recent book (mine is here), an RJS post on Evolving Faith, and a good collection, as always, of Weekly Meanderings.
  • Lots of talk about Rob Bell, Joshua Harris, and John Piper yesterday. Below is my response on Twitter to friend Rachel Held Evans. Here is another take that I very much agree with.
    @rachelheldevans “Twitter + overzealous Christians + over-theologizing w/ unclear evidence = an annoying day & damaged portrayal of Jesus.”

News (that I see fit to print, er link to):