Since the turn of the new year, I have started writing more frequently. In so doing, it would appear that I have finally settled on a schedule of sorts. Have you pattern-seeking humans figured it out? I didn’t think so. Perhaps if I gave you a couple of more weeks… Nah, I’ll just tell you now.

Monday: Weekly Links Roundup
Tuesday: Science and Religion post
Wednesday: random, intriguing (to me), yet most likely not well-thought out post on whatever strikes my fancy
Thursday: Science and Religion post
Friday: Friday laugh track
Saturday: Science and Religion post
Sunday: Nada. Zilch. A day of rest or Sabbath, if you will.

There will likely be weeks where I skip a day or two or days where I really feel the need to post or link to something (like today), but the above schedule is the method to my madness. So, when the Wednesday posts appear off-kilter… you’ve been forewarned!