Audio… we’re going classic. Door 1, Door 2, or Door 3?

The space-between:

  • A scary reminder of how dangerous it can be to promote science when science and religion are viewed as conflicting… and religion is in control.
  • Can the brain explain your mind? A review of The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Quest for What Makes Us Human.
  • RJS on Jesus Creed explores an interview with John Polkinghorne: Part 1. Part 2.
  • Jerry Coyne good… on what sounds like an excellent movie, Never Let Me Go.
  • Jerry Coyne bad… Religion = Frog Worship. And, of course, Templeton is a 4 letter word. Unsure why there’s so much venom here, because I didn’t think that they were hiding their agenda. Perhaps I’m wrong. Not that I disagree with everything Coyne says here, though.
  • John Rosenau responds with “how bad” is the Templeton Foundation?
  • Chimpanzees would laugh at my jokes too.
  • Alien life or an example of “first” life on a meteorite? Let’s wait and see…



News (that I see fit to link to):

  • Watching the Shuttle Launch from 5 Miles Up!… awesome. Pilot is pretty funny too.
  • Via @Bill Gates: Videos and more on Khan Academy’s plans to transform education – an incredible talk at TED yesterday.
  • From the Sports Guy, New column: Playing around with an extended hypothetical. (Shh, it’s about the NFL)
  • iPad 2? Nah. iPad 3.
  • Via Steve Silberman… Wow, these 3D portraits – made with screws – are amazing.
  • Sad story of a high school kid who hits game winner and collapses on court minutes later. 16 years old.