My mom had a birthday this week. Won’t tell you her age but she’s still a young’un. Audio is in her honor. Door 1 Door 2.




News (that I see fit to link to):

  • The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have dominated the news and no doubt you have seen news footage and read stories. Here are several links that caught my attention: The big picture. The swaying skyscrapers that did what they were supposed to. A map of the wave height as it moved across the globe. A frightening video from a Sendai airport, an even scarier one from the fishing port of Miyako, and also this (watch all the way to the end). Just amazing. This Japanese town is all but missing. Most recently, the concern has been about the nuclear reactors. The latest, as of this writing. (Most of these links are via @stevesilberman on Twitter)
  • You ready for March Madness? Gus is. So is Princeton and Northern Colorado (which makes my sister-in-law and me happy). These guys aren’t. Anyone say boom goes the dynamite?
  • Ever “dump” the syllabus? I haven’t, but I like the idea of scheduling in a free day.
  • Buddy @dscarney asks: @justintopp Did you see this? UP-INSPIRED FLOATING HOUSE… yes I did. And it is sweet.
  • Ricky Stanzi the #1 NFL QB Prospect for 2011 Draft? Someone thinks so, very interesting read… me: what???
  • Wii 2 coming soon?
  • For those that comment on blogs… heh.

The links of others:

I’m getting ready to enjoy a week of Spring Break. Bring on the basketball and books…