My wife told me I should do a bracket because of my past success.  To get me to, she said, “Come on, Brett Favre. You can play again.”

I told her why she probably shouldn’t use that analogy and her mouth dropped to the floor. We now have one less Brett Favre fan!

Anyway, I caved. Here are my picks:

Round 2: Ohio St, George Mason, West Virginia, Kentucky, Xavier, Syracuse, Washington, North Carolina
Round 3: Ohio St, Kentucky, Syracuse, Washington
Elite 8: Kentucky, Washington
Final Four: Kentucky

Round 2: Duke, Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Temple, San Diego St
Round 3: Duke, Texas, Connecticut, San Diego St
Elite 8: Duke, Connecticut
Final Four: Duke

Round 2: Kansas, UNLV, Richmond, Louisville, VCU, Purdue, Florida St, Notre Dame
Round 3: Kansas, Louisville, VCU, Notre Dame
Elite 8: Kansas, Notre Dame
Final Four: Kansas

Round 2: Pittsburgh, Butler, Utah St, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, BYU, Michigan St, Florida
Round 3: Pittsburgh, Utah St, BYU, Notre Dame
Elite 8: Pittsburgh, BYU
Final Four: BYU

Final Four:
Semifinals: Duke over Kentucky, Kansas over BYU
Final: Kansas over Duke (75-73)

Jive with your picks? (For those of you that care)