Audio for this week? Open up the window and listen to the wind blow and the birds sing, ushering in the season of renewal. We’re going au naturel today.

The space-between:

  • This is remarkable. Could there be evidence for God’s existence? Many atheists say no, although Coyne disagrees. What is fascinating is that the atheists that say no (to my knowledge) all believe that science is the way to answer all questions and that God’s existence, like any other question, is thus subject solely to scientific inquiry. But here they’re saying no evidence could change their minds, which is anti-scientific. Coyne smartly realizes this and is stepping away, others don’t seem to see the logical inconsistency here. The answer is to say that the existence of God is, like many other questions, not solely a matter of science, but that isn’t happening in your lifetime.
  • On a related note, does science have all the answers? Peter Atkins says yes.
  • Still related, when science loses its appeal. This will be controversial to some scientists, but it’s still true. Everyone copes somehow and they move outside of science to do so.
  • RJS on the new Giberson and Collins book, The Language of Science and Faith. I got a copy from the publisher too, but probably won’t get to it until the summer. Might not be bad since the dust will have settled by then…
  • Dust like this. John Wilkins with On the problem of the problem of evil and Darwin, an issue that was highly debated this week on various blogs. See here and here for other arguments.
  • On BioLogos, Dueling Scientists and the Tree of Life: Analyzing the ID Response.
  • A new book by Martin Nowak argues that virtues are in our genes, conferring an evolutionary advantage (via @TheFaradayInst). Not sure that I’ll agree with this…
  • Why futurologists always get it wrong. But you’ll still read the book.
  • Well, this is interesting: Conservatives, Education, and Creationism.
  • New York Times special issue on human/animals relations.
  • Notice how misleading the title to this story is.


  • Cosmology journal declares enemies evil, war won, all life alien (via @David_Dobbs). This was written by the editor. Not only are stupid things said in the scientific realm, but the editor compared the Hoover saga w/ Galileo, misrepresented it, and then said what was occurring was a war between science (JOC) and religion (NASA). Moronic.
  • “It is psychologically invasive.” We can now detect Alzheimer’s early. Should patients be told? Fascinating and vexing (via @stevesilberman).
  • Which trait(s) predict success? Grit.
  • On horizontal gene transfer and family trees… the “Yong-o-matic Horizontal Gene Transfer Injector” by Carl Zimmer (via @edyong209).
  • Speaking of Ed Yong, could a monkey or a child paint something better than Rothko? And his massive compilation of links.
  • Is some research only possible in the absence of funding? Interesting (via @SciencePunk).
  • Unfunded grant applications get a 2nd chance. Wonderful.
  • Awesome but seemingly simple use of smart phones and GPS for medical emergencies.
  • A Day Made of Glass – a vision for the future of ubiquitous touchscreens (via @meyourprofessor). Cool, but I say OVERKILL.
  • A new mom’s changing brain. It grows! In certain areas…


News (that I see fit to link to):

  • “I saved myself, but I couldn’t save my daughter.” On Japan.
  • With all of the recent discussion on nuclear plants and Japan where is the nearest nuclear power plant to you? Closer than you think perhaps…
  • But how much radiation can one withstand actually? And how does this compare to “natural” sources?
  • “I’m too young for regrets. I’m not in the grave yet.” The Suburbanization of Mike Tyson. Fascinating individual he is, yet one wonders how much of that is due to his upbringing and hits to the head.
  • Henry VIII’s iPad.
  • Did you see the Fab 5 documentary? Here’s an interesting take on ESPN and its ability to manufacture hype.
  • A story on the generosity of NBA players that’s really a reminder of the  despicable man that is Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
  • “Steve Jobs “killed” the music business, at least that’s what Jon Bon Jovi thinks.”
  • This is cool for those that are watching the NCAA tournament, but don’t care about basketball. Learn an interesting fact about each of the colleges in the tournament! West, East, Southwest, and Southeast regions.
  • Man, this is a beautiful photo.
  • Man, this is funny. How we looked in 1990.

And lastly, a great quote from @philoquotes on Twitter: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius