Just got back from the Goshen Religion and Science conference (Owen Gingerich was the speaker) and took a few notes that will become posts over the next couple of weeks. Since we sang a few hymns together, I thought I would link to a few today for our audio. They’re modern versions, so borrower beware… 🙂  Door 1 Door 2 Door 3

Also, I’ve decided to get rid of categories for a few weeks. Let’s see how this plays out. In no apparent order…

  1. I found myself saying multiple times this weekend that biologists need to appreciate quantum mechanics more. Reductionists say they want to reduce biology to physics and chemistry and then think physics stopped before the 1900s. I even mentioned a paper on quantum physics and smell, which according to my Google Reader today, seems to be gaining traction?
  2. Speaking of quantum physics, flawed diamonds can store quantum data.
  3. Awesome Internet Monk on addicted to answers. Also, a look at some wonderful quotes.
  4. Does the universe need God? Sean Carroll with an early look at a chapter in the upcoming volume, Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity. Coincidentally, I met one of the editors (Jim Stump) this weekend. Good chap.
  5. Why do we react negatively to cloning humans? Salman Hameed of Irtiqa with a preview of a fascinating new book.
  6. Sin in the double helix. What started as excitement ended in blah.
  7. This is not science, make no mistake about it, but: Top 10 SyFy beast creations (via MentalFloss blog). Enjoy reading about the “stars” of the movies too…
  8. Friday weird science: the 5 second rule! (via Ed Yong)
  9. Biggest regret? According to a survey, it seems to be associated with love
  10. Interesting, but not surprising… Evangelicals are more likely to believe natural disasters are messages from God.
  11. Rachel Held Evans with The future of evangelicalism: A 20-something’s perspective. Sounds like she’s ready to “leave” capital E Evangelicalism. I’d say… although I don’t have your extensive roots, join me, Rachel, it’s worth it.
  12. Christianity gave birth to modern science – a myth? Yep. Important, no doubt, but not birth.
  13. Ursula Goodenough of NRP 13.7 Cosmos and Culture blog on “useless” basic science research. Love it.
  14. Richard Beck of Experimental Theology with What I don’t get about Greg Boyd and Rob Bell. Interesting take on changing the discussion of free will vs. determinism to strong vs. weak volition. I’m in the weak camp but believe that we all have this, not just a few examples. This is worth a post or three in the future… but I will add now that as much as biologists and others want to say that free will is impossible, this just isn’t true. Perhaps it’s “free won’t” but we have choices in matters and all behaviors are not determined. To be crude, how is your NCAA bracket doing?
  15. Speaking of Beck, I loved this post on his journey from Arminianism to Universalism. One doesn’t have to agree, but one gains a lot from appreciating the paths of others. Wonderful.
  16. You may have seen a report on the news about religion dying out in the future in 9 countries. Tom Rees of Epiphenom explains the study.
  17. Evolution and the origin of biological information by Dennis Venema on BioLogos. Nice, but brother you and the editor have got to get rid of the capital ‘C’ in the species name!
  18. Ken Ham gets called out and banned not because he’s a Creationist but because he’s acting like a jerk. Good to see. Also happy for Pete.
  19. And, last but not least… Sperm grown in a test tube. No really, it matters…