Tomorrow night we are going over models for the interaction of science and religion, using Barbour’s conflict, independence, dialogue, and integration models. I’ll probably also mention a few different typologies that have been put forth by others, but we’ll focus on Barbour’s four.

I plan on lecturing for only a brief period of time and augmenting heavily with video clips that highlight different models. Here’s several I found tonight, and I am quite keen to hear of others that you might know of as well. I want to stay away as much as possible from simple interviews with people and instead go to movies. As you’ll see below, I still have a ways to go in this sense. I’ve also got a number of other movie clips that I’ll be using for future lectures… the list here is solely to highlight models for the interaction.

1. Conflict model in a promotion for the original Inherit the Wind and in an Angels and Demons “featurette”.
2. Conflict moving to independence model in a video clip entitled Change, Chance, and Necessity.
3. Conflict moving to dialogue model in a series of clips from Contact. The trailer, the Transporter explosion scene, the Occam’s Razor conversation, Palmer Joss on Larry King, and the final scenes.
4. Integration model in Intelligent Design, Process Philosophy (this one is hilarious, but succinct), and some background on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Any other good ones?