This blog has fallen relatively silent as of late and it’s been due to a number of things. First, I added another new class (Introduction to Science and Religion) that only met the last 7 weeks of the semester. There was a lot of prep for the course and it consumed quite a bit of my time. The good part, but a part nonetheless. Also, my research students were getting ready to present their work at various local venues and my co-mentor and me work with them a great deal so that they can give the best talks possible. Last, we were working to get out a manuscript which is now in the editing stage. A busy couple of months to say the least.

Oh, and I’ve also been getting ready to transition myself (and more importantly, my family) into a new job in a very new location. Next fall, we will be moving to the North Shore of Massachusetts and I will be starting as Associate Professor of Biology at Gordon College. This experience has provided me with a personal definition of the term bittersweet. It is very difficult to leave North Park and all of the wonderful colleagues and students I’ve befriended, but the opportunity for my family and me is too good to pass up. There is no need to go into the details of why, but this was not a move away from North Park but a move to Gordon. That distinction needs to be appreciated.

After this semester ends, I’ll also be teaching a summer course in Microbiology before we head out in July. Lots of excitement and a bit of anxiety, but that’s a good way to live in my mind!