There are very few quotes that stop my dead in my tracks. I am a facts guy. I don’t read works of fiction. I can learn (and enjoy myself in the process) by reading a list of bullet points.

Yeah, I’m weird that way.

On my office door you can see pictures of my family, an obligatory Iowa shout-out, and some other random oddities. But there is also a quote that adorns the door. I loved it so much that when I came across it I wrote it down hastily and threw it up with a piece of tape. No frills or beautiful font. Just a blue pen on a memo pad. The quote stands on its own.

“I was brought up in a Christian environment where, because God had to be given preeminence, nothing else was allowed to be important. I have broken through to the position that because God exists, everything is important.” (Evangeline Paterson)