Today was Matriculation Day at Gordon.  Syllabi were handed out, students caught up with their old friends, and freshman were introduced to college and a host of professors who probably scared them to pieces.

Not me, of course.

In addition, there was a Matriculation ceremony which was wonderful. The president welcomed everyone in, there was multi-lingual call to worship, a presentation of the scrolls from the students (probably deserves its own post), prayers for the year, and hymns. I’ve been to similar types of ceremonies but I still was able to experience something I had never before. As the faculty entered, the students gave us a long and hearty standing ovation. I’ve never felt so respected in my life and it was a privilege to see the enthusiasm evident in the students. I also felt a sense of responsibility knowing that I did not want to lose the respect that this newbie really had not earned. It was moving emotionally but also reminded me that I have my work cut out for me. I’ll do my best, Gordon students.

During the ceremony, a faculty member presented the charge to the students and faculty for the upcoming year. One point stood out more than the rest, even though it was only a minor portion of the overall charge. In talking about the excitement and energy that we all will hopefully bring to this year, the presenter defined the work enthusiasm. He also mentioned that like many Greek words, the meaning doesn’t carry as much weight as it used to. Here it is…

enthusiasm = inspired or possessed by God 

What a fantabulously awesome word and definition. It just comes alive. I know I won’t be able to use the word again without thinking about today’s ceremony, the charge, and the students’ ovation. What a great word and what a capstone to an otherwise outstanding day.

I pray that everyone can find the one thing they are enthusiastic about and be reminded here that the enthusiasm comes from God. May we all be… possessed.

UPDATE: I just saw the Gordon put up the text of the charge. Here it is.