Stefan Sagmeister does a very interesting thing with the design studio he runs. Every 7 years, he gives everyone (including himself) a year off for a sabbatical. Watch this video to see the effects it has on him personally and his company professionally.

I’m grateful to work in a profession that allows me the same. And I look forward to that sabbatical when it comes! As I wait for my “macro-rest”, in the meantime, I’m going to try to apply the concept on a weekly or “micro” level as well.

Did I need Sagmeister to teach me the idea of rest? No, but it seems as though I needed him to at least remind me of it. No doubt a lot of you also could use the reminder. Even though we’re familiar with the Biblical concept of Sabbath, many of us work ourselves to the bone in spite of it.

So, here’s to resting. Not only to catch up on sleep. Not only to spend more time with our families. Not only because God calls us to do it. But also to acknowledge and rest in the knowledge that we, as co-creators (as Phil Hefner so aptly coined), are an integral part of a Creation, God’s Creation. To reap the benefits that Sagmeister has reaped. To recharge our bodies and minds. To become better at being… ourselves.