I am looking for a blog partner and/or several folks that would like to contribute to the blog as they are available.  In a partner, I would prefer someone coming from theological side but this is not essential. For others that are interested in making more sporadic contributions, having a specific background is not important. And students you are more than welcome to be involved!

There are only two requirements to those that would like to post on my blog.

  1. You must be committed to dialogue between the disciplines. If you want to write that science and religion are incompatible and at war with each other, this isn’t your blog. Go away. 😉
  2. Academics are welcome, but the writing needs to be accessible. Humor is welcome, if not required. We discuss serious and high-level topics here but we are also playful and/or stupid and we like our Dilbert, xkcd, 70s music, Seinfeld, and obscure pop culture references.

I recommend that folks write posts less than 1000 words and multiple part posts are encouraged. Many different kinds of posts are encouraged including book reviews, essays, or short blurbs about recent scientific or theological articles of interest to the other discipline.

If you are interested in potentially participating leave a comment on this post or DM me on Twitter!