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I am an Assistant Dean and professor of biology and bioengineering at Endicott College who loves teaching and mentoring undergraduate students and thinking about liberal arts higher education in the 21st century. I am very happily married and have three beautiful daughters. When I’m not watching sports or laughing at life, I enjoy reading and writing on science & religion/theology, with interests that include brain/mind, evolution, the soul, what it means to be human, and the integration of theology and science. I am deeply committed to science but believe that it is not the sole provider of truth. I resonate the most with the “scientist-theologians”, the most well-known being John Polkinghorne, Ian Barbour, and Arthur Peacocke. The pursuit is both an academic and personal one for me and I write from within the framework of Christian faith.

I received my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa, and my Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from UT Southwestern Medical Center where I also did postdoctoral research. I have been at Endicott since 2014.

I can be found in the usual areas: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Everything written herein should be attributed to me solely and does not necessarily represent the views of my school, department, or my wife for that matter. My oldest daughter probably agrees with me though…

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  1. Hi,
    I don’t know if I caught your name on here, but I just thought I should mention myself: I’m an undergraduate student studying biology at a literal arts university in Southern Oregon. I aspire to teach biology at some point in the not to distant future but I’m also coming at it with knowledge and faith in Christ. I have what I’d call a passion for science–all fields really but biology especially. I think our ability to understand our universe is an amazing gift that I’m just starting to enjoy. If you have any insights or advise that come to mind I’d greatly appreciate it, otherwise I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experiences and readings here.


  2. The Truth of Genesis: The Pope Failed the Challenge!!

    Because of an article written on sensuouscurmudgeon.wordpress.com, which stated that an editorial I had written “challenges the whole world”, I picked up on that and issued a challenge to our “local group” of galaxies, raising the stakes in an effort to expose the foolishness and falsehoods of both current creationism and the evolution theory.

    I walked out onto “Main street and Broadway”, asking the defenders of evolution to join me in a public forum, comparing their analysis of the fossil and geologic records of Earth, against the correct interpretation of Genesis. There may have been some quiet talking in a back alley, but no entity was confident enough to step out into the street and accept my challenge. Neither would any science department of any university accept the challenge. If evolution is such a proven fact, why didn’t somebody step out at High Noon? Was Frank Miller too afraid to step off the train?

    To the worlds of Creationism and Theology, I invited them to meet me on top of Mt. Carmel, so that those that favor the Bible could gather around and observe which doctrine was “rightly dividing the Word of Truth”. I used the king’s English. I requested that the trumpets blow, and the harps play. But all of Creationism and Theology were shaking in their boots, and chose to keep teaching their false doctrines “in a corner”, and in the dark, being afraid of the Light. But those that walk in darkness are blind…, and when the blind lead the blind, they both fall in the ditch. You would think by now that these “creationist clowns” would have enough “horse sense” to realize that their doctrines are in error, and do not fit the scriptures, nor scientific reality!!

    Creationism gets its beliefs from their misunderstanding of the Genesis text. They teach that the 7 days (of Moses) in the first 34 verses, is a day by day description of Creation Week. That is FALSE!!! Only one of those days were from Creation Week.

    Old Earth creationism rejects literal interpretation of Genesis, and of those days being 24 hours each. They refer to them as being ages of time, or a big gap of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. But they are saying that God is a liar (Ex 20:11), and they try to put “gaps”, allegories, and Day/Age teachings into Genesis. This position also has a problem explaining the 4th day. I wrote the article “The Infidelity of Old Earth Creationism”, which exposed such falsehoods.

    Young Earth Creationism (YEC) pretends to accept each day as literal, and that the Earth & universe are just 10,000 years old. But this is both false and foolish doctrine, and they have a very big problem explaining where the body of water came from on the 1st day. Many of these YEC’s are just brainwashed, thinking that they are “defending the Word”. Others are just plain dishonest, and will forsake literal interpretation, and re-interpret the scriptures in order to make the Bible fit their foolish teachings. They get on my nerve more so than the evolutionists. They deny scientific reality. But those that continually deny reality are generally considered to be insane. I wrote the article “The Hypocrisy of Young Earth Creationism”, exposing their foolishness.

    In each case, established creationist beliefs are centered around their misinterpretation of what Moses wrote in chapter one. Because of ignorance, it is thought that Genesis chapter two is a “second creation story”, which in certain points contradicts what is considered to be in the “first creation story”. But there are no creation stories in Genesis! The “male and female” of chapter one are not Adam and Eve, but are of an earlier time period (prehistoric mankind), being more than 60 million years in the past. But even so, Genesis does not speak of original mankind. Mankind that was originally placed on Earth was not in the image of God. This is all explained in the presentation called the “Observations of Moses”.

    So, after hearing and reading about the Easter message given by the Pope, I issued a “Challenge Given to the Pope”. It was a universal challenge given to the leader of the “universal (Catholic) church”. During Easter Week, the Pope had said for all to believe the message of Genesis, but not to take the scripture literally. Say what?

    In the article, I made reference to a “double dribble” in basketball. I was trying to use restraint, give a measure of respect, and allow the Pope the “benefit of the doubt”. But no more. What I was actually bringing to the table was the scripture of James 1:8, which says “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. The Pope, and the Vatican regime, advocate false doctrine, and you should consider them to be “unstable”, and that’s being gentle.

    I sent the article to the Pope, and various divisions of the Vatican (the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Congregation for the Clergy, the Congregation for Catholic Education, and the Congregation for Religious) three times. For good measure, I also sent the article to the news media and Catholic sites in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Southeast Asia, England, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and all USA Catholic websites and magazines I could find, along with 54 newspapers and news sites in the USA. How often does someone publically challenge the Pope on points of doctrine and truth of scripture? Don’t you think that should have made headline news? Who (or what) is controlling the news media, and hiding the truth from the people? CNN, for one, is guilty, and so is FOX and ABC. Why aren’t the so called “religious publications” printing my articles after 17 years? More hypocrisy?

    The Pope had the whole month of May to respond. Do you think that he was willing to retract his false statements, and learn the truth of Genesis? No! I received no communication. But I also sent the article to the “Pope in Exile” and the Greek Orthodox, but no response. Plus I wrote to the Arch Bishops of Canterbury and York (Anglican Church), but only an assistant of the York Bishop responded, yet it didn’t amount to anything. When it comes to the truth of scripture, the Clergy runs and hides. Perhaps, for that reason, church attendance is on the decline.

    It would seem to me that if religious leadership, such as the Vatican, Arch-Bishops, the Sanhedrin and others, fail to examine, and accept the truth of scripture, why are people following and believing in the things they teach? If you see one roach, there are probably several others hiding that you don’t see. The Pope was wrong about Genesis! Since he has refused to correct himself (and give liberation to Catholic believers), what other falsehoods have the Papal Regimes been teaching?

    The Bible teaches three main themes. They are Creation, Salvation, and Final Disposition. Theology does not teach the truth about Final Disposition. That is proven by the false doctrine being taught about the “Millennial Reign of Christ”. There is no such thing. When Jesus reigns, it will be forever. Where they get the “1000 year reign” from, is a misunderstanding of Revelation 20:6. What happens after the 1,000 years, and what would bring Christ’s reign to an end? They don’t answer that question.

    I won’t get into Salvation, other than to say that over 92% of Theology is in error.

    Now, what’s left is my “comfort zone”. Why do Creationism and Theology continually teach false (old Earth) and foolish (young Earth) doctrines, and refuse to examine the truth of scripture? I’ve tried to show it to them. Is it because they are not true believers? Perhaps it’s a business, rather than a ministry, to them.

    So, leaving the expanse of this universe (celestial realm) , I now issue an Extra-Celestial challenge, making an appeal in that “outside area” that not only contains this universe of man, but also all previous creations that God has made. This is where the very first war was fought, and Lucifer lost.

    Why would over 12,700 of the Christian Clergy, and over 470 rabbis sign an “Evolution Letter”, embracing the teaching of Evolution? Are many of these the same ones that have refused to examine (and allow to be shown) the truth of Genesis, also known as the “Observations of Moses”? These must all be “infidels preaching from the pulpit”. Are they trying to gain the “favor of intellectuals” by conceding that they don’t know how any applicable truth of our origins could be in the Bible?

    If there is no truth in the Bible about our Creation, then neither is there truth about salvation. If that be the case, why attend church at all? We would be wasting our time, belonging to a glorified “society club”. I declare all of those that have taken part in that “Evolution Letter Project” to be LIARS against the scriptures, and turned over unto a reprobate mentality. It’s the same mentality that allows water baptism for animals, and same-sex marriages.

    Since they don’t have respect and reverence for the Word of God, why are they in the Clergy? Did they graduate from one of the many incompetent, subversive theological seminaries that refused to learn the truth of Genesis…, asking for my credentials? I could name many. I once emailed every seminary and Bible college that had a website. Only a very few would respond. One such “religious university” told me that they would never invite someone that “heard a voice (from God)”. So do they only invite and employ those that listen to Satan? This is what the Clergy has fallen down to. No wonder they actively refuse to allow the “Observations of Moses” to be shown. Their ignorance of scripture would be exposed.

    Speaking of refusals, why is it that I have not heard from any of the education committees of state representatives, and all of the state senators of the states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas? Are they all hypocrites? Do all of their staffs throw away my letters? I even sent some of them a presentation sample. I told them that, 1) no one in their school systems were qualified to teach creationism, and 2) current creationism is false, and is not the correct opposing view to the evolution theory. Is this all a conspiracy? Is the Discovery Institute paying them money?

    I’ve written enough…, this time, but the challenges remain. It would have been so much better for the Pope, the Catholic faith, and all of mankind, if he would have both agreed to see the presentation, and proclaimed the truth to mankind…, as the Sanhedrin failed to do. He would have been forgiven and cheered by Bible believers the world over. But no…, the Papal Regime chose to let their false statements about Genesis stand. Both the Pope and the Sanhedrin in Israel are guilty. The Sanhedrin is guilty of hiding what they now know is the truth of Genesis, and the Pope is guilty of not admitting his error and ignorance of scripture. When is this stupid refusal to examine the truth of our history and origins going to end, by both the religious and secular sectors alike?

    Herman Cummings


  3. I can’t seem to find your email anywhere so I’ll simply post here. I read and enjoyed your articles on the Biologos site about a year ago mentioning a book you would be working on involving Lakatos and so on. I was just wondering how things are coming along with that project and if you have any idea when it will be published? I recently read “Death Before the Fall” by Ronald Osborn who also referred to Lakatos and showed how “Scientific” Creationism is very much a degenerating research program. His book was very insightful but I’d like to read more on the subject and I’m looking forward to your book.

    Wishing you the best,



    1. Hi Charles,

      Thank you for sending this note. The book is in its infant stages and will likely not be published for a few years. If you are looking for more on Lakatos and theology, I would recommend Nancey Murphy’s work, especially her Theology for a Scientific Age. There are others that incorporated Lakatos into their theology, mostly during the 1990s and early 2000s… but I think starting with Murphy is ideal.



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