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Biology professor/mentor who loves sports, laughter, science & religion/theology (especially mind, evolution, soul, and what it means to be human), and most of all, his bride and baby girl.

New posts coming soon…

The four year sabbatical is about to end. Hashtag smily face and stuff. Metaphorical crickets chirping audio deleted. I’m working on two books, one on philosophy as a mediator in the creation/evolution “discussion” and the other on models for the … Continue reading

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A new adventure…

… with pal and colleague, Craig Story. Check it out and recommend it to your pastor friends! We are creating a one-week retreat-style course for pastors on scientific literacy. All expenses paid and we’re looking for folks to help us … Continue reading

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Denis Dutton: A Darwinian theory of beauty (TED talk of the week)

This week’s TED talk is an amazing and aesthetically pleasing talk on a Darwinian theory of beauty. The talk is given by Denis Dutton but is done in collaboration with animator Andrew Park to produce a truly beautiful, but controversial presentation. … Continue reading

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Friday laugh track… xkcd on sports

I love sports but thing most commentary is pretty ridiculous myself… Link here.

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Friday laugh track… xkcd on free will.

Link here.

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Sam Harris on The Moral Landscape (TED talk of the week)

Well, it finally happened. In multiple posts in the past I have defended Sam Harris and his efforts towards a scientific morality. I have done this even though I have never seen him speak or read a word of his … Continue reading

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Friday laugh track. You know you’re a scientist when…

Link here.

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