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Biology professor/mentor who loves sports, laughter, science & religion/theology (especially mind, evolution, soul, and what it means to be human), and most of all, his bride and baby girl.

A new adventure…

… with pal and colleague, Craig Story. Check it out and recommend it to your pastor friends! We are creating a one-week retreat-style course for pastors on scientific literacy. All expenses paid and we’re looking for folks to help us … Continue reading

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Denis Dutton: A Darwinian theory of beauty (TED talk of the week)

This week’s TED talk is an amazing and aesthetically pleasing talk on a Darwinian theory of beauty. The talk is given by Denis Dutton but is done in collaboration with animator Andrew Park to produce a truly beautiful, but controversial presentation. … Continue reading

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Friday laugh track… xkcd on sports

I love sports but thing most commentary is pretty ridiculous myself… Link here.

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Friday laugh track… xkcd on free will.

Link here.

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Sam Harris on The Moral Landscape (TED talk of the week)

Well, it finally happened. In multiple posts in the past I have defended Sam Harris and his efforts towards a scientific morality. I have done this even though I have never seen him speak or read a word of his … Continue reading

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Friday laugh track. You know you’re a scientist when…

Link here.

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Julian Baggini: Is there a real you? (TED talk of the week)

This week’s TED talk comes from Julian Baggini, a philosopher, writer, and the cofounder and editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine. The talk (Is there a real you?) was given at the TEDxYouth@Manchester 2011 event. I thought the presentation was clear and even … Continue reading

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