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An interview with John Polkinghorne

This is a wonderful interview with John Polkinghorne (by Dean Nelson for the North County Times), that I found via @cragiadams49 on Twitter.  In his typical style, he provides reasons for his faith, yet is confident and rational enough to … Continue reading

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Evolution in the Key of D: Deity or Deism (RJS, Jesus Creed)

Over at the Jesus Creed, RJS, per usual, has posted a thoughtful and discussion-generating blog entry on Deity or Deism in John Haught’s evolutionary theology.  This post has hit on something that is so prevalent in natural theology and evolution.  … Continue reading

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Miracles and Science (BioLogos)

Over at the Science and the Sacred blog at BioLogos, Ard Louis has been posting a series on “Miracles and Science”, which have been taken from a length essay he wrote for the website by the same title.  Ard who … Continue reading

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